We talk a lot of talk about going green and doing things “right” (for us, at least). But what are we doing? What are we trying to do? How close are we to our set GOALz? In no particular order, the McCarreons are aiming for some triple bottom line thinking, namely:



1. Net-zero (energy)

2. 98% recycled “waste” stream

3. No VOCs

4. No lead poisoning

5. No mesothelioma

6. Self-sufficiency: get off the grid

7. No combustion (geothermal)

8. Removing the “drug-addicted green lawn” (thank you, Mr. Paul Goldsmith, for the inspiring language). Replace lawn with native landscape and edible garden.

9. Composting on-site

10. Sharing our energy and net-zero systems with our neighbors (neighborhood)

11. No “new” furniture

12. Utilizing and maximizing our living space — invite people to live with us

13. Art gallery/basement bar: open door policy (within reason)

Over time, we’ll refer to our goals in our posts, and hopefully, we can scratch ’em all off this list eventually!

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